i really need to get a job..
i don’t do anything but sit on this computer all day…
oh. and cook, clean, take care of the baby (in no specific order)..
you know, usual house stuff…

and there’s only so much i can take pictures of when i’m at home all day every day.. let me see, the kids, dave, me.. boohoo.. i don’t know what to do.. gotta make money to make things happen.. anyone wanna give me a job? or better yet, give me money?

well, i deleted the “secret” section because i figured if i wanted it to be private, i should not put it up on the internet.. heh. took me long enough to figure that out, but i did. so now i can make this public.. so i can close that xanga account i’ve got.. it’s getting too much for me to keep like 3 to 4 different blogs.

hmmm.. gonna do the photo blog dave suggested i do.. *goes to work on it*