leaving to michigan in a week..
and i’m stressed out about it…
i know i shouldn’t be too stressed but it’s hard..
i can’t seem to ever be at ease when it comes to traveling..

it’s even more stressful now because it’s winter..
and i have to make sure i bring enough things for the baby…
any other time is stressful enough, but knowing that it’s cold and she can get sick easily makes me shudder.. will i bring enough warm clothes? will i bring enough medicine? and on and on…
and knowing that i don’t have that much money makes it harder because what if i need to buy stuff? what if i forget something? then what?

oh poo! i can’t wait until it’s over.. sounds messed up, but it’s true.. i mean, i’m excited because i get to see my family again.. and i get to spend time with those that i haven’t seen in years or ever… but damn. i can’t wait to get back and look for a job..

blah blah blah… ok. i’ll shut up!