“all my troubles seemed so far away..”

yeah right! damnit.

i got up early yesterday to go to this wedding show dave wanted to go to because he did graphic work for a bunch of the vendors there.. it was kinda depressing since everyone was asking if we’ve set the date, found a DJ, ordered the flowers, etc.. and then having to tell them that we don’t know yet, we’re still planning it, blah blah blah, just so that we don’t have to explain anything… but the truth is that there is no plans.. and it’s depressing to a girl being in a place like that, having everyone THINK that she’s engaged, but she knows she’s not.. and why not? idk. *tears*

later on i fell down the stairs.
and no one came to my rescue..
because everyone was gone and dave didn’t hear me fall..
got rug burn on both my elbows. and it still hurts..

i drank some strawberry milk to make me feel better…
but it was yucky. yucky. yucky! *vomits*
don’t ever buy albertson’s brand strawberry syrup..

had to wake up early (7am) this morning because dave’s cousin dropped of dave’s brother mike’s sweet little baby girl..
when i picked her up out of her car-seat, she had a “surprise” for me… and it stank like nobody’s business…
and it came up the back of her pants, onto her car-seat, all over her clothes… i had to wash them all…

i almost fell down the stairs again..