Yup. That’s what I’ve got. Look it up.

Noticed there was a “bump” on my eye. After a few hours of wearing my contacts, it gets pretty red around the bump. My eye gets irritated around the time it gets really red. I tried not wearing my contacts for 3 days, but it wouldn’t go away.

I asked three different doctors about it. My primary, my endocrinologist, and my optometrist.

Apparently, it’s generally not a problem and I shouldn’t worry. BUT, it doesn’t usually go away and it can get bigger over the years. Awesome. I’m totally looking forward to that. In extreme cases (which with my luck I’ll be amongst them), it can become a major problem. Wow. Thanks.

But hey, I can looked stoned all the time!!! I won’t actually be stoned, but I can look like it. But hey, my name shouldn’t be Mama Stony for nothing, right?

Now, my optometrist has me trying out different contact solutions. He says that if one doesn’t work to try another one. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try out daily wear contact lenses. If the discomfort doesn’t go away after that.. Can you guess what he said?

“Do you have 32 hundred dollars?”

Heh. Now I’ll have an even better excuse to get laser eye surgery than the fact that I can’t function without my contacts. Too bad my insurance probably won’t cover it. Doesn’t matter if it’s medical.

This is my current life. When one problem goes away, another comes my way. More like 3+ more. Real fucky, if you ask me.

100% Real Fucky. Will my awesome luck ever end? Doubt it.

Well, there’s my rant for the night. Thanks for tuning in. Hope you all are doing better than I am. Signing off. Goodnight.