So I totally love when I have someone to blab to. Especially when that someone doesn’t mind my never ending rants and raves.

  • Missed out on Amsister chatty time by 12.34 minutes.. #

Right after I sent this tweet, Ams got online and we chatted a while. I find it nice to have someone to talk to (that’s also my neighbor!) about this and that. No, not this … or actually, maybe that too. The blog happens to be one of our favorites. Ams says that Heather and her family reminds her of me and my family. Whaaaaaat?! If we could be so cool!

I like Amsister-chatty time. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough of it. Next time she comes over, I’m totally tying her to my overstuffed chair and never letting her leave again!