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For some reason, Maeby threw up this morning. I don’t know why. Right after the hubs got out of the car at the bus stop, she threw up. I could do anything because I had to drop Niki to school, so she sat there in her car seat with vomit all over her. Poor baby. Of course, when we got home, I washed her up and pampered her. She was happy about that. I love her happy face.

FYI, post-dating checks means nothing to the recipient and the banks cashing them. I did not know this. Actually, I remember being told that you can’t cash a check until the date it is written for, or after. By someone who works for (drumroll please!) a bank!

So, my rent check was dated for the 1st of May. It had been cashed and cleared on the the 29th of April. Normally, if there wasn’t any funds in my account, the check wouldn’t have been cleared and the check would have been returned. Overdraft protection “protected” me from that happening. The thing is, now I will have to pay the overdraft protection fees.


So, for anyone who thought as I did, let it be known. Post-dating checks is worthless, unless you let the recipient know not to cash it before that date.

*also, if you write a check or swipe your debit/credit card, it’s valid until the day you die. So, even if that one guy you paid three years ago hasn’t claimed his money, he still can.