For those of you who have already seen it or are seeing it now, obviously there’s a change happening to my site. I’ve made my own header/footer for it. There’s a reason for the change, I’m just waiting for the hubs to get to it. I’m also working out all the kinks, like the fact that there is no link back to the mainpage. I know, ugh!

From what I can remember, I’ve only designed one other header before, but that was a long time ago. Unless you count the fact that I changed the color from gray to red. Then that makes two. Ahaha! They aren’t that great, but they’re mine. You know?

Anyway, the old header was before the previous one that the hubs made. I love his design, but wanted to take a crack at designing another one. Of course, I’m keeping his old design/layout just in case I decide mine sucks.

Well. Hope you like it so far.

[edit] The mainpage header is fixed.