I’m a mother to two wonderful girls (Niki and Maeby) and wife of one totally awesome man (my Dave) just trying to do what is right for my family. I have a huge heart and love so much it hurts sometimes.

Overall, my children and husband are my top priority. I will do whatever I can within and beyond my power to do what is best for them, no matter how much work it takes. No matter what I have to go through, I will be sure they are safe, comfortable, loved and get whatever they deserve.

I love my family, by blood and marriage, even with all their crazy quirks. I wish I could help out every single one of them that needs help. My dream is to see them all strive to be and do whatever makes them the happiest. It may take time, and they may have to struggle a while longer, but one day I’ll be able to help them all.

I’m a workaholic without a job. I think too hard. I’m fueled by an obsessive-compulsive personality. I am a collector of books, dvds, cds, shot glasses, socks, bags, and hats. I try to be organized but can’t seem to keep things orderly. It drives me mad. I love to make people laugh, especially when they’re sad.

I love to do so many things, but there isn’t any one thing I’m exceptional at. I love photography. I think it’s my favorite hobby. Showing off my photos is probably my second even if they aren’t as good as other people’s. I also enjoy many other forms of art. I want to be good at all kinds of things. I love making people smile. It’s in my nature to help people… I LOVE sex, drugs, rock&roll. Well, not so much the drugs anymore, gave that up a long time ago, unless you count OTC.. I’m really into dreaming, wishing, believing, reaching.

I miss my best friends. I have two craezy cats. I’m simply complex and totally insane.

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