Today I was going to post about my life as a mother and how I feel like people have the wrong impressions of me. Both good and bad, but probably wrong. I was just waiting until after running my errands. Looks like I’ll save that post for another day. Something happened to me today that has validated the “I think I suffer from mom-brain” theory I knew to be true. Let me explain.

After sending Niki off to school, I got Maeby and myself ready to head out. We made the trip to Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries, gardening supplies, and small hardwares.

There were decent sales on meats and other grocery items so I got more than expected. I also grabbed a set of headphones for the kids, earbuds for myself, and an inflatable pool for the whole family. Armed with in-store discounts and a handful of coupons, I was still ready for a large bill. Imagine my surprise when it was quite low. The total savings relieved some inner guilt brought on by the extra purchases.

On my way to take care of my next errand I was bouncing along enjoying the new music I’ve got playing in my car. The sun was shining and I was in an exceptionally good mood. Then it happened.

I got pulled over.

At first I’m confused because I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I was stuck behind a moving truck, so I thought the police officer was just stuck behind me and was waiting for the other cars to get out of the way. Except when they all passed, she was still behind me. So I found the best place to pull over and waited for her to explain what was wrong.

Turns out the registration on Lady Liberty was expired. Since NOVEMBER! Good mood gone. I have to pay a hefty fine and I now have a traffic violation on my record. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS?!

A part of me wants to blame it on the fact that the renewal letter must have been sent to our old address and it got lost during the forwarding process. Except, it is my responsibility to stay on top of these things.

I’m upset with myself for not noticing my registration was expired. I’m normally really good with keeping track of everything. Thing is, I don’t understand how it expired in November when we renewed it in March last year. That would mean our registration was only good for eight months. Aren’t the registrations good for a whole year? It shouldn’t have expired until March of this year.

I understand that it would still be expired, but it wouldn’t have been so bad. My fee might have been smaller, or possibly non-existent because it would be just under two months expired instead of six.

I’ve tried calling DOL, but no one is picking up or returning my calls. If I don’t get an answer today, we may have to go in and sort this whole thing out. I may also have to request for a mitigation hearing to see if I can possibly get my fee reduced and the violation dropped.

After all has been said and done, I’m pretty sure my mama brain has much to do with me forgetting it was time. This is not me blaming my girls for what happened, so don’t even go there. This is me saying now that I am a mom of two children, my responsibilities have grown immensely. There’s so much I have to remember now that things end up getting tucked in the back for later. Sometimes things that shouldn’t have been.

I’ll work on fixing that. For now, I’m going to go slam my head into the wall repeatedly until my mind goes numb.