Something funny happened to me the other day. While looking at a burnt out lightbulb wondering how it could be recycled, I got an idea. Did you see the lightbulb go on above my head?

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of ways to recycle items by making decorations with them. This is where my idea came from. A lightbulb looks somewhat like a christmas ornament. Why not make it into one?! So here’s what I did.

the supplies

I got some additional supplies. Craft wire, paint, brushes, palette, pliers, and some newspaper. I used the craft wire to wrap around the base of the bulb and made a hook.
hook it

Once you’re done doing that, clean the bulb so there’s no dust sticking to it. Then you paint the bulb any way you want. I painted mine all white first. Let it dry for 10 minutes then painted uneven red stripes. I let it dry another 10 minutes and then splashed on some green. This is the result.

bulb ornament

You could probably paint the metal parts if it seems too tacky, but personally I kind of like it showing. Observers will know it was handmade and recycled. Simple and easy, no?