“Three moms of infants enjoy Tostitos, salsa and the company of grown-ups as their babies spend their play date fast asleep.”

I saw this commercial tonight and imagined being a part of a play date like that. The one play date we had was spent mostly chasing all the kids, pulling toys out of mouths, and avoiding accidental dairy ingestion. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun and so did the kids, but it would have been nice if the parents got to relax while the kids played. It might have been alright if it wasn’t raining outside. Our friends have a nice backyard the kids could run around. Maybe soon we’d be able to since it’s getting warmer.

Anyway, back to the commercial. Two questions popped into my head when it was over.

First. Why were all three babies in their car seats? Did the owner of the house get her baby all dressed up and strapped into a car seat also? If so, why? It would have made more sense if one baby was in a crib or cradle with the two car seats placed next to it.

Second. If each mom belonged to a baby, shouldn’t at least one of the little ones be of dark skin? If I’m not mistaken, darker skin tends to be more dominant.

I can’t find a good video to post here so you’ll have to go to the Tostitos website and click on “play date” to view the video.

I guess it shouldn’t matter and I should just focus on the point of the commercial. Right?