Haven’t done a meme in a while. This one was fun. Try it.


Google Game: Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then “likes to” (ex. “Jane likes to”). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own note.

  • Stones likes to help out others in the community by donating items to the food pantry.
    – This is true. I’ve donated food many times, just not as much as I would like to.
  • Stones likes to use the getaway’s on-site recording studio
    – Where is this getaway? What do I record? Not myself, that’s for sure. *dies*
  • Ever notice how little stones likes to make posts like:. ;-0 hey – that asshole :-0 is callin’ names :-0 – what an asshole ;-)
    – Um. I only call those closest to me assholes.. Tough love, Bitches!
  • stones, Likes to hang around!
    – Sure do!
  • Stones, likes to tell about his eldest son.
    – Son? I don’t have a son! And I’m not a man!
  • stones, likes to explore and try new things, open minded, rock, jazz, blues and classical music, very passionate, intimate, romantic, and adventurous.
    – Why.. how did you know?
  • Stones likes to relax in Bermuda.
    – I would LOVE to. Yesplskthx!
  • hot stones, likes to chat
    – Oh stop! You’re making me blush.
  • stones, likes to tell about the time he found $150000 worth of diamonds in a toilet stall.
    – What?! That wasn’t me. Please don’t kill me while trying to find it! And again. I AM NOT A MAN!!!
  • Stones, likes to paint in watercolours and oils
    – I would like to, but I suck at painting.