The Internet is my playground. Just like the playgrounds from my childhood, I’ve met many new people and I’ve made a few friends. One has even become a best friend. Still, I continue swinging on the monkey bars, waiting for new people to arrive. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll all become friends.

Like with most playgrounds I remember, there also comes the secrets. The ones you tell only your closest friends but hope that no one else finds out. You’ve done something or like things that may get you teased. Or worse, you’ll lose friends. And what if your parents find out? They may get upset or be disaapointed in you.

On the Internet it’s not so different. Each social media site is a different playground. You get to know the people there and make friends with some. You find the ones you share similar thoughts, ideas, and interests with. But you also have places where you keep your secrets. Only your closest friends know these places and you don’t worry about others finding out. You won’t tell and neither will they.

This blog is my secret place. This is where I share the deepest part of me. Only those I tell, or those who really want to know me, come here. Except, it’s public and I’m not really hiding it. I just don’t mention it much. Whatever I write here, anyone can read, if they chose to. I’ve put my secrets out for the world to know and (I think) am ready for judgement. The more I write, the better I feel. So I’m going to keep on going.

I’m not so worried anymore. Not only do my closest friends know about this place, but so do my parents and in-laws. I no longer fear my secrets getting out because I am the one spreading them. Everyone is free to have their opinions. No one has to like everything I say. All that matters is that those who mean the most to me are okay with my secrets and still love me. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh. P.S. I also write at another site called Went Coconuts. It a place where a group of us “island” girls write about things that could possibly explain why we’re a little bit nutty. Or just us being our coconutty selves. Check it out. I just posted a new entry about when and why I started smoking.