I had three missed calls and a voicemail from a number I didn’t recognize. The only thing I knew was the areacode was from Guam.

Now. I don’t get many calls from there. Mostly from my besterestest, but this number was new. I was curious as I hit the button to listen to the voicemail. This is what I heard.

Hi. This is Aunty S.

That was it. No details or anything. Now let me tell you. I was a little freaked out. You see, I don’t normally get calls from my family back home. They can’t make long distance calls because it’s too expensive. My aunt went out of her way to use one of her kid’s cellphones to make those calls.

I almost didn’t call back. The last time my family called us it was because one of my aunts died. The hubs JUST lost his uncle. I don’t know how much more we could handle.

But I called.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. She left the message short because of the cost. Apparently I had gotten mail there and they wanted to let me know.

My heartrate is back to normal now. Six hours later!

Do me a favor, if possible. Should you call someone out of the blue and have to leave a message, give some details. Or at least let that person know that it’s nothing to freak out about. Anything less than that can send someone into a major state of panic and anxiety. Imagine what it does to someone who is in that state to begin with. Someone like me.

Trust me. So not pretty.