Things that annoyed me this week:

1. I have to wash my reusable grocery bags because the cashier used them for meat. She also used one for frozen pizzas. Then she started using plastic bags for the canned foods and other items, which she decided couldn’t handle more than 5 cans each. I ended up with more plastic bags than if I didn’t use the reusable ones.

2. This person pulled out right in front of me and I had to slow down way below the speed limit. Said person then proceeded to drive slowly while reaching over to get something from the passenger side instead driving.

3. I didn’t get my Sunday newspaper.

4. Spill-proof cups that aren’t very spill-proof.

5. My red slipcover got wet because of the spill-proof cup of baby formula Maeby spilled on it. My couch has a beautiful giant red stain. Good thing it’s white so I can bleach it.

6. Little Kittr is sick. We aren’t too sure of what she’s got, but we think it might have either the flu or an upper respiratory infection. To make matters worse, we were told to keep her away from Miss Kitty because she might be contagious. The only thing we can do is lock Kittr up in the bathroom. She’s totally going to hate us pretty soon.

7. The bus for the high school didn’t show up by the time we got to the bus stop AND Niki’s got there early. The high school kids (mostly girls) decided it was perfectly fine to stand in the driveway of the apartment complex. Whenever a car came, they moved oh-so-slowly over to the sidewalk. I watched as they saw a bus approaching, proceeded to run across the driveway toward it, only to realize it wasn’t there for them. Then stand in the driveway again until another car came driving up. It took the driver to honk and drive up close to them for them to move. That was so annoying. Was I that bad when I was there age? I really hope not.

8. We found out Kittr that is a boy. We’re having a little bit of trouble remembering that.

9. The bleach didn’t get the stupid red stain out.